Are Gay Lea products made from pasteurized milk?

Although pasteurization is carried out at different stages, depending on the product, it is a step in the manufacturing process of every dairy product.

Are Gay Lea’s products gluten-free?

Yes – all of Gay Lea’s products are gluten-free. Our production facilities are also free of gluten.

Are Gay Lea’s products Halal?

Many of Gay Lea’s products are Halal certified. We encourage customers with these dietary restrictions to look for the respective logo which will be on all of our products that meet these regulations.

Are Gay Lea’s products Kosher?

The majority of Gay Lea’s products are Kosher certified. Gay Lea complies with Canadian Regulation in which all Kosher certified products are labelled with the respective ‘COR’ logo.

Are Gay Lea’s products nut and peanut free?

Yes – Gay Lea’s products are all nut and peanut free. Our products are all produced on manufacturing lines that are free from nuts and peanuts.

Can I freeze Gay Lea products in the containers that you ship them in?

We do not recommend freezing any of our products with the exception of butter.

Does Gay Lea Milk contain any artificial growth hormones, antibiotics or preservatives?

Gay Lea Milk does not contain preservatives. In Canada, the use of artificial growth hormones is prohibited for dairy cows and antibiotic use must comply with Canadian law. Milk supply safety and quality regulations are very strict and include provisions for farm and dairy processing plant inspections and testing.

Does Gay Lea produce any lactose-free products?

Yes – Gay Lea has lactose-free sour cream and cottage cheese, as well as new, dairy-free Coconut Whipped Cream

How can some of your products be lactose-free?

Lactose Free dairy products are made lactose free by adding the lactase enzyme, an enzyme we naturally have in our body, to regular cottage cheese and sour cream. Lactase breaks down lactose into the two simple sugars-- galactose and glucose. The resulting product is usually a bit sweeter than regular due to the fact that these two sugars are sweeter separately than they are when combined into lactose.

How does the cheese get its flavour?

The flavour of Ivanhoe cheese is developed through combining fresh whole milk with specialized bacterial cultures and enzymes under the watchful eye of our expert cheese makers.

Is the Mozzarella made Rennet Free?

The microbial enzyme that is used in the Salerno cheeses is a non-animal form of rennet that allows the cheese to be certified Halal and Kosher. It performs the same function as animal sourced rennet/pepsin

What is the difference between Ricotta & Mascarpone?

Ricotta is a fresh cheese made from fresh, pasteurized milk which is churned until it reaches its optimal thickness and forms fine curds. The product is white in colour with smooth speadable texture and a delicate, slightly salty taste. Mascarpone is made from both milk and cream. It is renowned for its rich, sweet taste and its creamy smooth texture.

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